The Role Of HR Function In The UK

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You have been commissioned by the CEO of your organisation to examine and report on the role of the HR function in managing the organisation and to demonstrate how the organisational and HR strategies are shaped and developed within it.


Throughout this report I will be examining the role of the HR function in managing TUI UK&I, the UK’s largest tour operator with 13,300 employees and serving over 5.2 million customers each year. To provide context, TUI Travel PLC and TUI AG merged in December 2014 to create TUI Group. TUI UK&I is part of TUI Group, employing 77,000 people globally. Following the merger, TUI Group is currently undergoing a massive transformation as it seeks to align …show more content…

Organisations are redefining their leadership development programmes to address mind sets, reduce collaboration costs, and improve reward perceptions
- Transforming organisational culture: Organisations are building cultures that support horizontal, peer-to-peer work that encourages productive learning

Organisations are operating in increasingly competitive and complex environments. Change management is high on the agenda, with a focus on restructuring to encourage social and collaborative working and developing a culture and roles to advance organisational capabilities. In addition, globalisation and competitors have placed pressure on organisations to continually innovate and develop products, processes and services. Both the HR magazine and CEB highlight demographics, talent management, technology and globalisation as the

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