Role Of The Members Of The Multidisciplinary Team

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I have the ability to work effectively as a team member in a multidisciplinary team. Examples which demonstrate this include: • Understanding the roles of the members of the multidisciplinary team allows playing to the team member’s strengths, appropriate delegation of duties, maintaining of boundaries and enables insight into a specialty you are less familiar with. Frequently on my general medical term, I would involve physiotherapists and occupational therapists to assess the mobility of patients as this would often limit an elderly patient’s discharge. Accessing allied health early improved discharge planning. • Participating in handover of patients to allied and nursing staff. On both my medical and surgical terms I would set aside time to pass on critical information to the nursing coordinator to facilitate excellent patient care. On the colorectal team, I would attend weekly multidisciplinary meetings to explore non-medical issues facing patients with allied health staff. • I have demonstrated reliability and constructive communication in a team environment in many ways. One such example was regular attendance to the mental health department meetings with psychiatrists, social workers, dieticians, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and many others. This meeting facilitated discussions and formulations of weekly plans for anorexic patients on my team. I was there to provide a valuable medical perspective of the patient’s progress, while listening actively
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