Role Of The Military During Medieval Europe

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Cleeve Harper

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Western Civilization

November 18th, 2014

The Role of the Military in Medieval Europe

Research Essay

In my research essay, I will write about the role of the military in medieval Europe and will outline what the military were like and how they were established and organized. I will show how the military were connected to the government structure. I will also write about the technological and strategic advances that the military made during the medieval ages and how those had an impact on the role of the military today.

In medieval Europe, the role and organization of the military was based upon the system of government that was in place. During medieval times, most societies in Europe were feudal and governed based on the social class of the people. The King, the monarch, was at the top of the social structure and had control over his entire country. The king controlled all the land and all the people. In order to keep control of the people and his entire kingdom, the king had layers of social classes of people under him. The Barons or Lords controlled the lands given to them by the king. Knights provided military service to the king and were also given land in exchange for their service. Patronage was important to keep the king’s followers supportive and in line. During medieval times, the majority of people had no rights and were extremely poor. People were mostly peasants who were made to work under the lords and to…
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