Role Of The Modern Day Engineer

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1 Introduction The need to optimise efficiency in energy consumption is one of the greatest challenges opposing the modern day engineer. Not only does increasing energy efficiency have a positive effect on the environment, but also yields high cost benefits for the consumer. With the increasing threat of climate change, it is critical that given the building industry accounts for 40% of global carbon-dioxide emissions (UNEP , 2009), all houses minimise their energy losses. This is particularly important in sub-tropical locations such as South-East Queensland (SEQ) where high energy demanding appliances including air-conditioners and heaters are a requirement for a comfortable life. Although relative to Australia, Queensland has the second cheapest electricity price, collectively Australia has the highest average household electricity price in the developed world (Mountain, 2012). This combined with the fact that 40% of each houses utility bill is associated with heating and cooling (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009), along with the projected increase in electricity price for SEQ as shown in figure 1, raises the need to limit the dependency on artificial heating and cooling. The primarily focus of this paper is therefore to conclude on the possibility and effectiveness of energy efficient houses in SEQ. This will be achieved by reviewing and analysing; lot orientation, windows and landscaping, internal design, and amount and type of insulation . Figure 1:
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