Role Of The Opium Wars During The Shaping Of Modern China Economically, Politically, And Socially

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The question I chose to investigate in this Historical Investigation project is Evaluate the role of the Opium Wars in the shaping of modern China
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“Most of the peasants’ clothing and other daily necessities were produced at home. The men farmed the land and the women worked at home cooking and weaving cloth. People had no need, nor did they have the money, to buy foreign manufactured goods ” However the Opium Wars instigated major change to the economy through the Treaty of Nanjing among over successive unequal treaties. Article II states that Western merchants are to be allowed for the purpose of carrying on their Mercantile pursuits, without molestation or restraint at the Cities and Towns of Canton, Amoy, Foochow-fu, Ningpo, and Shanghai. These were strategically selected ports which allowed a large scope of the coastline of China to be fully accessed by the ships. Consequently, there have been dramatic increases in the economic activity of China, for generations of the denial of foreign trade sector, the sudden ease of access allowed commercial activity to flourish especially in regards to exports. “Tea export increased by over 500% and silk export rose to 28 times the previous amount of bales being shipped. Also, with the Hong abolished foreigners could now trade freely in China. Because all duties had to be negotiated with foreign countries, they were cut from 65% to 5%, wrecking many industries within China.” This is a direct correlation between the coerced changes that were made to

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