Role Of The Prosecutor On The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Assignment 5.4: Role of the Prosecutor
The criminal justice system is made up of many roles. The Crown Attorney, or prosecution is one of the major roles within our justice system, and they ensure all credible evidence is entered before the courts to try to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In the QB trial video, R v. Perry and Manitoba (2016), the prosecutors in this case had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, a break and enter, as well as, robbery. The Crown called upon two witnesses, Monty Hall, and Annie Hall, who can attest to the crime. However, the role of a Crown Prosecutor can be immensely difficult due to it being their case to prove. They must be able to prove the elements of the offence, as well as, the identity, the mens rea, and the actus reus of each accused.
Type of Offence: Within this trial there was two offences. The first offence was break and enter in relation to a dwelling house, Section 348(1)(d) of the Criminal Code, which states “the offence is committed in relation to a dwelling-house…” (Martin’s, 2015). This offence is considered to be an indictable offence under Section 536 of the Criminal Code. The second offence was robbery under Section 344 of the Criminal Code which states “every person who commits robbery is guilty of an indictable offence…” (Martin’s, 2015). Both of these offences are considered indictable under Section 536 of the Criminal Code, which allows for the accused to pick an election. The accused has the
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