Role Of The Security Council And Its Success

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The United Nations has a number of different organisations and programmes that operate under the non-governmental organisation. Each of these organisations works to better the world’s population and the environment we live in. The United Nations itself has six main bodies which it is governed by and each body focuses on a different aspect of international peace and security. This report will be focusing on the role of the Security Council and its success as a body with regard to maintaining international peace.

The main responsibility of the Security Council is to maintain international peace and security, with responsibility given to the council to determine if and where a peacekeeping operation should be deployed. The decision of whether or not a peacekeeping operation should be deployed is dependant on a range of factors such as: the presence of a ceasefire and if parties have agreed to a peace process, if a political goal is visible, if a certain command can be issued to resolve the issue and if the security of all UN staff on the ground can be guaranteed. The Security Council consists of 15 members five of which are permanent (China France, Russia, UK, US) also known as P5, there are also ten non-permanent members which are elected for two years by the General Assembly. The existence and use of the UN Security Council’s VETO power is a much debated issue. VETO power is solely available for use by the five permanent members of the Security Council (France, China,…
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