Role Of The Servant As A Leader

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Organisational behaviour indicates to the approach of associations among individuals and meetings inside a firm. For a successful enterprise it is indispensable to have ethical behaviour, organised and systematic performances of the organisational citizens. Moreover, it is also important to have healthy relationships as well as no inequalities of root and foundation in an organisation. Leadership refers to the procedure of communal impact that works to enhance strives of others in quest of mutual objective. A few pioneers impact others to submit activities that are not for more prominent benefit, but rather nobody can deny that they have driven those others. Leadership is more scrutinized about doing the…show more content…
Organisational citizenship behaviour may not generally be straightforwardly and formally perceived or compensated by the organization through compensation, expansions or advancements for instance, however organisational citizenship behaviour might be reflected in good chief and associate evaluations, or better execution examinations. Along these lines it can encourage future prize pick up in an indirect way (Zhang.2011). Greenleaf (2002 as cited in Spears 2010) observed the qualities of servant leadership for the successful run of the organisation, the servant leader should have the characteristics such as listening, awareness, empathy, stewardship, commitment to the growth of people. Firstly, listening as a quality of a good servant leader means that they should have good communication skills and decision making skills only than they are able to have a successful organisation. If a servant leader doesn’t have good listening skills or he may not listen to his workers than it will adversely impact the organisation. The workers will feel demotivated which will result into bad work behaviour in an organisation. The servant leader recognises the determination of the clusters and illuminates that determination (Spears,2010). Secondly, awareness as a feature of servant leadership is when the servant leader in general is
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