Role Of Theatre And Musical Theatre

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Theatre and Musical Theatre has been a form of entertainment since before North America was “discovered”. Broadway shows have been dated back to the early 1920’s and 1930’s. By 2016, over 25,000 tickets are sold to Broadway shows in a week. Thousands of people enjoy the shows that are featured on Broadway but have no idea the work and process that brought it to life. The process of getting a show on to Broadway can be broken down into three phases: pre-production, staging, and performance/promotion.
The first stage of a show is pre-production. Every show starts as merely an idea. This idea can come from all kinds of sources. In the beginning, Broadway shows started one of two ways; a producer who hired a creative team or a creative team who found a creative team to back it. Nowadays, it is increasingly getting harder for songwriters, lyricists, etc. to get a show produced. Contrary to popular belief, many writers send in just an idea and a brief excerpt when trying to get produced. Hundreds of wannabe writers send their ideas to producers only to get a rejection letter. Many composers don’t fully commit to finishing writing a show until a producer has committed. As American composer and songwriter, Cole Porter once said, “My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director.” Whether it be an idea from a producer, a creative team, or an unknown writer, there is no show without serious commitment from a producer.
After a show has been finished and has found a producer, it…
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