Role Of Three Agencies Where Health Care Administrators Help Promote Public Health

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3 Agencies Where Health Care Administrators Help Promote Public Health

Health care administrators must make many decisions during their careers. Some of those decisions lead to exciting developments. The medical field is one of modern society’s most dynamic professions and offers a vast supply of opportunities and challenges. Health care administrators might work in one of many settings, which could include consulting agencies, home health agencies, hospitals, integrated delivery networks, long-term care facilities, and managed care organizations.

In environmental health field, administrators work with how the land interacts with the population. These professionals work to reduce the harmful impact caused by chemical and other
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The NEHA also provides ongoing training and continuing education credits.

The American Public Health Association

The American Public Health Association (APHA) works to ensure that minorities and low-income individuals have a voice in the process of developing public health policy that affects their environments. [2] The association collaborates with other entities, such as WE ACT for Environmental Justice, to ensure that the groups have access to healthy living conditions. The APHA also works to promote environmental equity.

The group highlights environmental issues that affect wellness and quality of life for communities in the United States. Part of this work includes targeted public service messages that showcase the connection between healthy environments and healthy people.

The group advocates for the many American communities that lack nutritious, affordable food; safe walkway and activity areas; and that lie near industrial centers that emit pollution. The association conducts research and initiatives the benefit high-risk populations. For instance, the group worked with populations during the Zika virus outbreak in contaminated water in Flint, Michigan and Hurricane Katrina, which hit land on the United States Gulf Coast.

The National Center for Environmental Health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) develops, guides, and
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