Role Of Trademark And Marketing Management

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Role of trademark in business/industry: Trademark is the current trend of industry that everyone follows. Trademark is not a fashion but it has emerged as current marketing trend of industry. The value of trademark is mostly observed in marketing management where promoters used the trademark just instead of the product name. This is called branding where basically one brands the trademark of the product or in higher level the trademark of the company. In other field of business like financial, consultancy or operation trademark used as the symbol of pride, reputation, history and future of the company. But obviously the domination of trademark is in the marketing area which connects people and the company or the products of the company.…show more content…
This step defines te product, makes it distinguish from others and also provide a mechanism for linking the provider of a product to the valuable business assets of trust and goodwill. Company achieves this through a distinct trade names and one or more trademark. The selection of right trademark plays a significant role in marketing strategies of differentiating products of a company. With right trademark branding may be so much successful that product may develop a long-term, even an emotional development with customer such that they will grow a tendency not to look at the prominent weak side of the product but to look at the emotional and brand value of it resulting in increase further brand value following an iterating loop. The following path every company must want to follow: Finally, the result is followed to brand insistence where the consumer refuses to accept any other brand and willing to pay an even higher amount for the product. The brand name is often useful to exchange with trademark. It is the term used in intellectual property legal circle. Trademark is not definitely comparable against the weightage of brand value and brand equity but again the market and perception value of trademark must be considered while checking overall integrity and value proposition of the company and evaluating the product. Designing a trademark: Market segmentation is very important for the successful branding of the product. Many
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