Role Of Unions During The United States

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Role of Unions in the United States
According to Dias, a union is an organization of employees that forms to negotiate or bargain with an employer (Dias, 2012). Unions are a part of our Nation’s history, allowing workers the power to negotiate wages, work hours, benefits, health and safety guidelines, training, and other work related issues, and helped to create todays labor standards. These standards include minimum wage, social security, eight-hour workday and weekends, overtime pay, the American with Disabilities Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Unions help to ensure fairness in the workplace and to give a diverse workforce an equal voice.
Wages and Work Hours
According to Voos, “there is now a substantial body of research evidence on the economic impact of U.S. unions” (2009). Unions are not outdated; they continue to make progress by enforcing better wages by reducing the income unfairness between men, women, different racial or ethnic groups, and different age groups. Income inequality has a major impact on today’s economy. “The growth of income inequality in the U.S. and the related decline of the middle class are critical factors in the current economic crisis: the collapse in the housing market, the crisis of inadequate capital in the nation’s banking institutions, the decline in the stock market, the free-fall in consumer spending, declining employment and other aspects of the recession that are worsening daily” (Voos, 2009). A declining or
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