Role Of Western National Insurance Company

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Engaging Stakeholders Western National Insurance was a company in serious financial trouble, until they brought in a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in an attempt to turn around the failing company. The new CEO engaged the organizations stakeholders to understand their concerns and issues of the company, before making any decisions or changes. He was also self-aware and he understood the needs and motivations of his team, which helped him grow the employees, and the overall effect was an enhanced organizational capacity. By insuring stakeholder inclusion and being a transformational leader, the new CEO of Western National Insurance was able to motivate staff and turn the company around to be a profitable and excellent insurance company. Western National Insurance Overview This week’s critical thinking exercise is about Western National Insurance Company, and the steps taken by a new CEO, Stu Henderson, to turn around the failing company. The case study discusses the strategy of the organization, and how the CEOs leadership affected the outcome of the efforts, the staff, and the overall performance of the organization. Mr. Henderson walked into a company that had very poor planning, and did not conduct any formal budget planning, benchmarking, or industry peer-group analysis to help with strategic goal setting (Pesch, Eide, & Moorthy, 2012). By performing quantitative and qualitative analysis of an organizations performance against the benchmarks established
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