Role Of Women During Ancient Egypt

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Leah Hornsby
Period 2-2

The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt: Women in Business

Women’s roles in the Ancient World vary from place to place. In Ancient Egypt, women could have multiple roles; which they could choose as they pleased. Female workers were influential on Ancient Egypt. They slowly broke down gender barriers, taking on jobs other than keeping their house and family in order. The amount of jobs and power women could have slowly increased over the span of three millennia. While the amount of popular female occupations increased throughout the three millennia that Ancient Egypt existed, the official roles of the Egyptian Government consisted of males because some females decided to continue to work within the home.
As the Ancient Egyptian empire progressed through time, female professions increased. Women could have jobs that had to do with business, or jobs within entertainment. “SOME RECORDED ANCIENT EGYPTIAN FEMALE JOB TITLES: Hairdresser, Grinding Girl, Supervisor of Cloth… Treasurer, Steward, Composer, Songstress, Prostitute, Weaver, Dancer, Musician, Mourner, Priestess, Supervisor of the Dancers, King Supervisor of the Royal Harem, (note - some of these jobs were also done by men.) It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the importance of the working woman and the impact she had on the economic strength of Ancient Egypt” (Ancient Nile CO, Par. 7). This quote gives us an idea of the jobs that women could have. As seen in the quote, men had…
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