Role Of Women During The United States

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Stephanie Vissering
British Literature 1
Professor Stanley
September 27, 2014

Critical Analysis Essay: Role of Women

The role of women in the United States has changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. For one, women have taken on responsibilities outside the home, such as joining the paid workforce. While women made up only about one third of the workforce in 1969, women today make up half of the paid workers in the US. Women are also stepping up to lead the country as well as making progress on health issues. Over the past few years women have been able to end gender discrimination, however substantial inequalities still remain. During the “Old English” period women were generally involved in tasks that required little physical work. While men were ox-herders, laborers, swine-herders and so forth women were cheese makers and dairy maids. They were also bakers, not cooks. Women of this time were also entertainers, comedians, and singers. They may have been employed by households or traveling groups. Women were considered “unimportant” during this time and had very little, to no, equality to men. When people read Beowulf they get this assumption that the women are frail, wicked, or under the dominance of men. However, the female presence in Beowulf is far from a submissive one and must be reevaluated from an Anglo Saxon perspective. Back then, the societal expectations of the time were different. Men and Women were equal with the “compensation for a maiden is
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