Role Of Women During The Victorian Era

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British literature and culture has been shaped by many movements and time periods. The Victorian Period had a huge impact on many aspects in British literature and culture. The roles of women were greatly affected during this time period. The question of what women could (or should) do attracted a lot of debate in the Victorian era. There are numerous characteristics about The Victorian Period, one of them being the transformation of Britain. From the1830’s to the 1870’s, as seen in Victorian Literature, Britain underwent changes that transformed the lives of its people. The Rail network began in the 1830’s and was completed by the 1870’s. The Rail network had a great effect on the travel, appearance of the countryside, and speed of movement. Financial sector and trade grew significantly and British manufacturing became dominant in the world. Influence overseas and British power expanded and seemed to be permanent. Population grew from around 12 million to 25 million in 58 years. This period also saw the consequent growth of large cities and also a significant shift of population from the country side to the towns. Another characteristic was an age of optimism. The Victorian age saw itself as a time of confident progress. The Victorian age was a turbulent period which, from numerous points of view, considered itself to be a period of certain advancement. Numerous individuals trusted that Britain was driving the world into another and better age: More illuminated laws, the
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