Role Of Women In Movies

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Films and televisions play an important role in shaping the way we think and understand our society, history, and others in everyday lives. Nevertheless, the representations of women, the working class, and racial and ethnic minorities in America are underrepresented in films and televisions relative to their population, and are often portrayed negatively. The articles, “A Plea For More Roseannes and Norma Rase: Addressing The Lack of Working-Class Female Characters on American Screens.” by Rachel Johnson, “Hollywood Asian Stereotypes.” by Zak Keith, and “Racism and the Aesthetic of Hyper Real Violence: Pulp Fiction and Other Visual Tragedies.” by Henry Giroux examine the power of films and televisions and its effects on women, the working class, and racial and ethnic minorities in America.
There’s a saying, Hollywood is a man world, but the problem goes beyond just Hollywood. The lack of women representation in films, televisions, and general media is a decade-old problem. It’s becoming increasingly apparent as more and more women are shying away from being stay-at-home moms and accepting the role of breadwinners for their households. According to the 2017 Hollywood Diversity Report by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, women only claimed 29 percent of lead roles in top films in 2015. The underrepresentation of women in media creates inequality in workplaces and difficulties in day to day lives as well as maintains negative and old gender
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