Role Of Yossar In Catch 22

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Orr, a character who appears knowingly mindless, offers some mentorship to Yossarian in his struggle against the systems and bureaucracy. Orr works to perfect his own survival skills and also tries, a few times, to teach Yossarian to do as well. At the end of the novel, when Yossarian has learned that Orr faked his death and escaped to Sweden, he is inspired. Resolving his own selfishness with a new sense of responsibility, Yossarian puts down an offer to return home uplifting the names of the men in the bureaucracy and, instead, takes off towards Rome to rescue Nately’s prostitute younger sister. In the end, though, Catch-22 is not a novel without hope. Its most significant idea is that, no matter living in an illogical universe, anyone can
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