Role Of Youth In Nazi Germany

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Youth of Nazi Germany
Significant - Sufficiently great or important to be worth of attention; noteworthy.
One of the main reasons Germany’s Nazi army was so powerful and large was because of the enormous amount of youth fans. The role of the youth in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945 was significant because they were taught at a young age to be brain-washed and believe in Hitler and his ways without them the Nazis could not have been as big as they were and would not have had many fans because little boys and girls would have many youth groups to learn, support, and maybe even become a Nazi soldier. The Nazis did many things with to teach the kids the right things.
The Nazis would train the kids at a young age because they are deceptive and easier to convince when they are young. The Nazis would use propaganda and the education systems to brainwash all their kids into supporting the Nazis in the war, while the education system would teach the German youth how Germany saw things in their own way like how the Treaty of Versailles was unfair and disrespectful. They would teach them how Russia was the one who started the war and even after that France was upset and wanted to punish Germany for something they did not do and they would end up victimizing Germany. They would go for the youth because they are easier to be convinced, they are kids they believe anything they see. They would target the youth in Nazi Germany because they were the future of Germany, so if you get them
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