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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
“Loyalty Counts”
S.Y. 2012-2013
(LOYALTY binds Friendship)

Prepared by:
Teacher Jean Albie T. Balais
Class Adviser

------ (Sing Adventure Time Theme song)---------------

•Narrator: Finn and Jake are having tea with Princess Bubblegum when a horrible witch came.
Finn: (with a sword) What do you want evil witch?
Witch: I just want to read your future--- I dreamed about you last night and I’m here to give you a prophesy.
Princess Bubblegum: Don’t believe in him Finn.
Jake: I guess there’s no harm in that. Just listen to her bro.
Witch: Yes, this dog is right. You just have to listen to me. Besides, I am just here to help.
Finn: Okay, what is it that you want to tell me?
Witch: Give me your
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And you should say sorry to Jake. He is your best pal you know? I have lived many years but it is a rare opportunity to find a real and loyal friend. (goes away humming)
•Narrator: On the other hand, Jake is at the basketball court of the land of Ooo (everybody says ‘Ooo’) which is beside a very steep cliff and is playing by himself. He does not know that Ice King is also there with Gunther.
Jake: Shoot! This is boring! (and the ball hit on the head of Ice King)
Ice King: You silly dog! Why did you hit me with that ball?
Jake: I did not! It’s your fault because you’re standing there!
Ice king: It’s your fault because you are playing here!
Jake: What’s with you if I’ll be playing here?
Ice King: What’s with you if I’ll be standing here?
Jake: (stick his tongue out and annoys the Ice King)
Ice King: Hrrrr! You!!!! I will turn you into ice for that!
Jake: Bring it on, Ice King!
(They are in a fighting ninja position)
Ice King: Afraid dog? I bet your human friend cannot help you!
Jake: He’s not my friend anymore. . . (sad) He hates me! (angry)
Ice king: That’s sad. . . But still I will transform you into ice! Hahahahaha! Gunther baby, get daddy’s coat.
(Gunther walks to the cliff and is about to fall)
Ice King: Gunther! No!
Jake: I’ll save him!
(Jake saves Gunther’s life and dance in the music “ I need a hero”)
Ice king: Oh Gunther. . . good thing you are safe! (hugs Gunther) Thanks to you. . .
Jake: Don’t mention it. Just keep an

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