Role Theoretical Framework Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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In organizations, individual’s work behavior is measured related to his role in a particular job or position. Role explain the specific forms of behavior associated with task requirements. Role includes one or more activities and the overall patterns of activities that influence each other in generating organizational output. In this situation, human resource system is an organizational path to submit role information, encourage desirable worker’s behavior and evaluate role performance. Through role information, organization communicates various expectations which internally consistent and evaluate performance. Human resource system plays an important role to send a message in the form of various behavioral expectations of the role…show more content…
Strategic human resource management is a system which includes several sub systems such as organizational strategy, human resource system as element of organizational capital, role behavior as element of human capital and organizational performance sub system. There are interactive relationship between one sub system and the others (Figure 3.). Study on human resource management strategic can not be separated from organizational strategy as a guideliness of all organizational processes and role behavior of workers in organization towards achievement of organizational performance. Human and organizational capital are important sub system of strategic human resource management. Human resources system as element of organizational capital and role behavior as element of human capital interact dynamically each other. Design of human resources system that is aligned with organization’s strategy will influence role behavior of members in organization, leading to organizational performance. Changes in policies and practices of human resource system will have an impact on behavior changes of workers. Actual role behavior of workers will be an input for the design of desired organizational human resources system. Model of interactive relationship between human and organizational capital in strategic human resource management, shown in Figure
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