Role Transition and Professional Nursing

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Role Transition and Professional Nursing

February 09, 2010

Role Transition and Professional Nursing As the student nurse transitions from the role of a nursing student to the professional level of nursing, the licensed registered nurse shall perform only those nursing activities for which the RN has been prepared through basic education and those additional skills, which are obtained through subsequent nursing education and within the scope of practice of an RN as determined by the board of Nursing. The Licensed Practical Nurse works in hospitals, clinic, as well as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities
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Nurses spend considerably more time with patients than any of other health professional. The professional nurse can give report to the physician, so that he or she can make the best decision on the care that is carried out for the patient by the professional nurse ( Raymond, 2005). The doctor relies heavily on the nurse and the nurse relies upon her critical thinking and other professional nurses as well as the unlicensed professionals. The pharmacy has a role in the collaboration of the outcome of the patient. The pharmacy relies upon the orders of the physician and the nurse that will be administering the drug. The professional nurse relies upon the pharmacy for the accurate dosing if there is a discrepancy to the dosage. The occupational therapist, physical therapist and all other specialties rely upon the physicians orders and the professional nurse who knows the patient and what has been implemented and what has worked for the patient. This revolving circle of the healthcare professionals is what leads to the positive outcome of the patient. New nurses can incorporate leadership fundamentals while developing competency in their profession. Leadership skills consist of effective communication. The nurse must be able to listen and understand what is being said. Make notes and encourage questions. The RN will carry the flow of the group in
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