Role and Functions of Law Paper

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Role and Functions of Law Paper Jaclyn Wheatley LAW/421 June 25, 2012 Kathryn Harris Abstract This paper addresses the functions and role of law in business and society. This paper covers different types of laws including statutes, common laws, treaties, ordinances, and executive orders. As the paper continues it will discuss who creates and enforces these laws. This paper also discusses the classification of those laws into criminal and civil law, substantive and procedural law, and public and private laws. As these subjects are discussed the paper will discuss what individuals or entities are responsible for using these different types of laws. The paper also discusses the different types of courts where these laws are enforced…show more content…
Some of the punishments associated with criminal law include incarceration and possibly the payment of fines. Civil Law This type of law happens between private parties, organizations, or governmental bodies. If a person or other entity breaks a civil law, they would be required to compensate the party that was wronged in some form. Usually this is done through some sort of financial trade. Substantive Law According to S.P. Melvin (2011), substantive laws “provide individuals with rights and create certain duties” (p. 18, par. 3). According to the dictionary, substantive law is “law that creates or defines rights, duties, obligations, and causes of action that can be enforced by law.” Procedural Law Procedural laws provide the means for government entities to make and reinforce the substantive laws. Many of these government entities include the courts. These procedural laws also regulate how these entities act throughout the process. Public Law Public laws are tied in with how the government interacts and deals with individuals. Constitutional law and criminal law are both examples of public laws. Private Laws Private laws are, as its name suggests, the opposite of public law. Public laws are tied in with how individuals interact and deal with other individuals. An example of private law could be a contract. Court Types The legal system of the United States also has different types of courts in addition to different types and classifications of
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