Role of American Soldiers Essay

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Running head: THE ROLE OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS The Role of American soldiers during and after the Second Battle of Marne Susan Byrd University of Phoenix THE ROLE OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS The Role of American Soldiers during and after the Second Battle of Marne In the beginning, World War I was considered to be “The European War” During the beginning of the war, Americans had decided to remain neutral. Many Americans felt that it was not the United States’ war to fight. Things quickly turned around when America’s ability to trade was compromised (Schultz, 2011). Another situation leading to the US joining the war was the sinking of…show more content…
The two main gases that used were Chlorine gas and mustard gas. These gases caused the enemy to drown in their own bodily fluid once exposed. Using poisonous gases came with positives and negatives. The major positive was is caused major problems to the enemy. One of the major negatives was that some of the troops would be caught in gas that was meant for the enemy (Bull, 2002). Trench mortars were used to have a safe place to be protected while attacking or resisting an attack from the other side. Although it was not an actual weapon itself, it was essential in survival of many troops on both sides. Army tanks were first introduced during World War I (Bull, 2002). It was used to provide mobility and protection. Many of the tanks were equipped with machine guns. The tanks were also used in order to extract injured soldiers from the battle zone. The living conditions of World War I was horrible for soldiers. There were many different things that affected the troops. One of the major concerns was the rats that were in the trenches. There were millions of rats located in the trenches with the soldiers (Duffy, 2009). The rats caused infection and contaminated lots of the scarce food that the soldiers had (Duffy, 2009). THE ROLE OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS Soldiers would also become infected with lice during the war. Lice was a huge problem due to the dirty living
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