Role of Black Hawk in Native American and US History

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history in general. He was born in 1767 in Saukenuk, a Native American village is contemporary Rock Island, Illinois. Even with the fact that he was not born a chief, his actions made it possible for individuals in his tribe to appreciate him and to support him as their leader. Black Hawk trained as a boy and learnt a great deal about waging warfare, as war was a dominant concept in his tribe's culture and children were well-acquainted with it in order for them to be able to react positively to diverse issues that arose.
Black Hawk's first Buffalo hunt provided him with the opportunity to experience conflict from a first-person perspective. As his band encountered an enemy Osage group, it became obvious that he too needed to play an active role in fighting for his people. His father, chief Pyesa, acknowledged his son's talent and the whole tribe looked upon him as a warrior from that point on (Marsh 3).
Pyesa was killed when Black Hawk was nineteen as the Sacs and the Foxes fought the Cherokees. In spite of his father's death, Black Hawk assisted his party in winning the battle and inherited the medicine bag from Pyesa. "The Indians believed this had been given to his grandfather by the Great Spirit, and it was considered the most precious thing the Sacs had." (GREAT NATIVE AMERICANS IN HISTORY) This episode had a…
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