Role of Case Managers

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Running head: ROLE OF CASE MANAGERS Role of Case Managers Carlos Michael Padilla BSHS 402: Case Management Sammye Williams-Hitchye April 13, 2009 Role of Case Managers In the Milos Forman film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Randle Patrick McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), a recidivist criminal serving a short prison term is transferred to a mental institution due to behavioral problems. It is in that institution that McMurphy meets Nurse Ratchet (Louise Fletcher), a bullish, controlling nurse who has cowed the patients into dejected submission and who has the power to keep McMurphy institutionalized indefinitely. A battle for control ensues between the two characters which Ratchet views as a personal affront and…show more content…
According to the test I am skilled in writing, warm friendly, social, open and a good conversationalist. I have the ability to listen to others while making people feel at home. I am conscious of other people’s feelings and emotions and generally have no problem admitting the existence of problems, which I do not usually allow to grow into a depressive state. These are all positive qualities within the make up of my personality that would serve me well as a Case Manager seeking to empower a client while assisting him or her with moving forward in his or her life. The negative aspects of my personality are that life tends to become frivolous and superficial and that I find it difficult to settle into one place or position. Not settling into one place or position has often been a reoccurring problem for me in the past. It wasn’t until I enrolled with the University of Phoenix that I came within reach of starting what I finished and meeting one of several goals. Understanding these negatives to my personality will assist me as a Case Manager in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my own humanity and my clients, thus allowing me to advocate professionally on the clients behalf. My professional experiences in office administration and customer service lends me the skills necessary to be empathic and a good listener with the agencies clients. That, along with my personal experiences with
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