Role of Chinese History on People’s Imagination

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As great philosopher George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." History plays a critical role in understanding why the present is the way it is, and it allows us to make conscious decisions about the future. By examining and analyzing historical events, we are able to dive into the past in order to gain insight on direction to the future. One must be able to learn about the past, learn about mistakes and problems, in order to move forward. In class, we had dove into the distinction between analyzing historical context. We discussed how gigantic history takes a precedent model and is easily understood as a trajectory of historical events. One can compare and contrast how courses were taken by the active role of nations, their governments and revolutions, and how society has been molded to fit specific ideologies. On the contrary, we also discussed the opposite of gigantic history, which would be referred to as minuscule history. It posits that history is more of a collection of ideas taken from personal experiences of people that are brought together to explain significant historical events. Building a foundational historical pivot point from which to move is crucial to how China perceived itself in becoming one of the world’s global leading countries today. Role of Chinese history on people’s imagination of their country and themselves: China has had a profound influence by western powers during the imperialist conquests
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