Role of Christian Faith in Ancient and Contemporary Turkey

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Role of Christian Faith in Ancient and Contemporary Turkey Turkey?s population is nearly 99% Muslim, and even though Christianity is a clear minority (1), Turkey has played a major role in the history of the Christian faith.? Turkey is second in the number of Christian biblical sites, Israel being the first, so Turkey contains a wealth of Christian history (2).? Ancient Biblical Heritage: Antioch: Christianity began in 50 AD with Saint Paul, born Saul of Tarsus, located the southern region of Turkey.? Paul spent a majority of his active ministry traveling in Turkey, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ (3).? Antioch (now called Antakya) was an early center for Christianity and a place of Christian learning (4).?…show more content…
Justinian prayed, ?Glory to God, Who has deemed me worthy of fulfilling such a work. ?O Solomon, I have surpassed thee?(9).? In 1453, the church came under Muslim attack, and the Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque.? When Turkey became a secular republic in 1924, the building became a museum and many Christian objects, which were once hidden, were recovered and restored in the museum along side the Qur?anic plaques.? Elesha Coffman, writer in Christian History, states, ?Today, the Christian and Islamic embellishments coexist awkwardly in a space no faith can claim?(9). A Brief History of Christianity in Turkey: ?In 313 CE, under Roman rule, Emperor Constantine, who ruled in the land now called Istanbul, Turkey, issued the Edict of Milan, which declared religious freedom and tolerance for all religions, including Christianity.? The Edict finally ended the many years of Christian persecution by the Romans. In 380, Roman Emperor Theodosius declared that the doctrine of the Trinity as the official state religion and passed a law that all subjects had to submit to this and no other religion.?? In the Byzantine era, Christians began to question their faith and the many struggles occurring between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Byzantine Church did not make conditions any better.? Islam seemed like the easy way out and Christianity began

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