Role of Community Radio in Community Development

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ROLE OF COMMUNITY RADIO IN COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Aim: To analyze how effectively the community radio can be used for the community development. Objectives: • To identify how far the community radio has played its role in creating awareness about the local issues such as social, environment and economic. • To analyze the reach of community radio among public. • To identify what genre of program is attracted by the public in community radio. • To analyze how far the community radio has created a change among the community people. • To identify the techniques can be used to make people involve more in the community radio for their community development. Need for the Study: The Community Development Programme, which had its august…show more content…
But to be useful, knowledge and information must be effectively communicated to people. More than 850 million people in developing countries are excluded from a wide range of information and knowledge, with the rural poor in particular remaining isolated from both traditional media and new information and communication technologies which would improve their livelihoods. The report of “Ninth United Nations Communication for Development Roundtable” says Communication for Development lies at the heart of the challenge to actively involve poor people in decision making procedures which affect their lives and to enable them to manage communication processes and media. When successful, Communication for Development is a powerful tool to mitigate poverty and hunger and to promote democratic processes and social change in many countries, especially in the agriculture and rural development sectors. Media and Community Radio Michael Meadows (2009) in the article Electronic dreaming tracks: Indigenous community broadcasting in Australia published in Development in Practice explains the power of media The power and influence of mainstream media continues to transform the wider public sphere, compelling Indigenous people to seek access to their
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