“Role of Crm in Telecom Sector”

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“Role of CRM in Telecom Sector” Sheetal Singla MBA, Phd* Asst. Professor BGIET, Sangrur Background: This research paper is on the “Role of CRM in Telecom Sector”. The report begins with the abstract of Role of CRM in Telecom Sector, History of telecom sector & the Introduction part. This report also contains the basic marketing strategies used by various telecom service providers.In today’s world of cutthroat competition, it is very essential to not only exist but also to excel in the market. Today’s market is more & more complex so, to survive in the market the companies not only have to satisfy its customers but also delight them. The objective of many marketing strategies has been building the customer’s commitment to a brand or a…show more content…
Relational exchanges can be viewed under transaction cost analysis and social exchange theories depending on the context. The role of CRM includes: guide moments of truth, improve profitability, and build partnering, address customer Better, buy in of customer attention, protect emotional well being, understand consumer psyche, build trust with customer Relationship marketing is emerging as the core marketing activity for businesses operating in fiercely competitive environments. On average, businesses spend six times more to acquire customers than they do to keep them (Gruen, 1997). Therefore, many firms are now paying more attention to their relationships with existing customers to retain them and increase their share of customer’s purchases. Telecom service operators provide customized services to their heavy users. Marketing is the delivery of customer satisfaction at a profit or in the simple words things that are done to attract & retain customer at a profit can be called marketing. This simple definition tells that marketing is customer oriented in nature. If the job of marketing is to sell the products, the simple practice can be to use relation between seller & buyer i.e. relationship marketing. It has been almost thirty years that the Relationship marketing was came into existence. The
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