Essay on Role of Customer Service in Datatronics and E-ZRP Companies

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Introduction Datatronics is a worldwide, high-performance supplier of integrated resource planning solutions to many global companies. Datatronics products include products used for telecommunications, industrial controls, medical, power supply, automotive, and computer supplies. This case study assignment explores key issues and role of customer service, with respect to the US branch of the company located in Romoland, CA. It includes a comparison of customer service and customer satisfaction. Joel McGivern is the Chief Information Officer, while Matt Rubenzahl is the head of customer service center, North America. Matt is required to evaluate the status of customer service at Datatronics and provide recommendations to the Joel, the…show more content…
In addition, it does not support innovation. The result is that CRSs are considered an essential part of the team and so are demoralized. Datatronics experiences a high turnover. Contrary to the situation at E-Z RP, there is no linkage of customer service representatives to development teams. For instance, CRSs are often the last to gain access about new information or new products. In terms of the organization of customer service, E-Z RP uses a specialized call center where customer service representatives deal with a single product. At Datatronics, the call center is centralized and CRSs deal with all products. E-Z RP uses the second tier support while Datatronics uses a minimal second-tier support. In terms of the training of CSRs, Datatronics only provides minimal on-the-job training while E-Z RP provides extensive training. Datatronics hires employees with basic customer service ability while E-Z RP recruits employees based on customer service skills, business knowledge, and communication ability. The performance metric at E-Z RP is the level of customer satisfaction, while the metric at Datatronics is the time on call or between calls. Although Matt does not intend to reproduce E-Z RP’s customer service system at Datatronics, these are the key issues that he ought to consider in making recommendations for changes at Datatronics. Role of Customer Service Customer service involves a consideration of what is needed to treat the customers in a desirable

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