Role of Design in Newspaper Design

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Newspaper is a publication which it main function is to report news. Most newspapers contain information for readers such as a weather report, television schedules, and also listing of stock prices. They also provide commentary on current politics, economics, and art and culture. In most cases newspaper depends on commercial advertising for their income at various degrees.

By the time readers see or read a newspaper, most of them have already learned of the breaking news through television or radio. However, they rely on newspaper to provide details on information and analysis which was rarely offered by the television or radio. Newspaper does not only inform readers but also help readers to understand what led up to the
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Berliner of midi: 470mm by 315mm commonly used by the European paper such as Le Monde in France, La Stampa in Italy and The Guardian in United Kingdom.

Brief History of New Straits Times
Known as Malaysia's oldest newspaper, the weekly to newspaper eight-page newspaper (initially founded by the Armenian Catchick Moses with assistance from Robert Carr Woods) first published July 15, 1845 as ‘The Straits Times'. A weekly circulation (Every Tuesday) priced at 10 sen of less than 200 copies were printed.
The name was changed to Daily Times in 1858 went it was published daily as an afternoon paper. In 1883, Daily Times reverted to its original name The Straits Times reestablished as the New Straits Times in 1965. It served as the only broadsheet format English language newspaper in Malaysia until September 2004 when a tabloid version was published concurrently with the traditional broadsheet. In April 2005, the newspaper ended its 160-year-old tradition of broadsheet publication by solely publishing the tabloid size.
How has newspaper design changed over time?
In 1450, Johann Gutenberg invented a screw printing press adopting the idea from the wine press used since the Roman Empire. This invention has enable information and knowledge to be widely spread which was
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