Role of Ethics, Integrity and Character Essay example

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Ethics, character and personal integrity are three of the most important factors in organisation; this essay will determine the role of ethics, character and personal integrity and describe the differences between them.
Ethics is about decision-making and actions of human freedom. Ethics is the decision between what is right and wrong in life, when faced with the different directions of the action or alternative goals to pursue, our moral direction to make reasonable decisions. Especially in organizations, ethics plays a very important role. Ethics become the responsibility of the individual for his work in the organization. For example, a moral person who will always complete assigned work with the highest spirit and enthusiasm without
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It represent an honest, reliable and consistent. Leaders who are integrity can create corporate culture of integrity. for the company to develop in a sustainable way, leaders need to develop the trust and the consensus around shared values . As Kouzes and Posner (2002, pp. 79-80) point out, the development of shared values improves the work environment and productivity. Integrity also strengthens personal effectiveness, corporate loyalty, and ethical behavior of the employees because they trust in the leaders who had created Culture of integrity, as a result, the performance of the company will highly increase.
The difference between ethics and character is ethics always toward to common standard of the whole sociality and was learned through experiences and errors in life. For example, the company starts to work at 8.00am; everyone will arrive before or on time around 8.00 am to work. Character belongs to individual and separate nature, very difficult to get through the learning process and training. For example, self-confident can not learn from any book or lesson while personal integrity is not only all about ethics but also all about character. It is those characteristics of an individual that are consistently considerate, compassionate, transparent, honest, and ethical. The characteristic of trust is closely associated with integrity. To be success, the most important factor you must have

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