Role of Ethics in Business

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The issue of ethics has always been present in the field of business. At times, business ethics are considered as a justified approach by many who believe in ethics; however, at the same time many who do not agree differ with strong arguments. With regard to the problem under discussion I would like to put forward few of my arguments in favor of copy rights. Hence would like to adopt anti-piracy approach and will certainly support observance of strong ethics in business.
Ethics means the ability of a person to follow the right conscience during difficult times, whatever the situation may demand. He should not give in to the unethical practices to gain short term goals and profits. Business ethics also called corporate ethics is a form of
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Second, these companies work under existing laws of the land hence are supposed to pay huge sums of taxes on annual basis and are even required to get their products patent or enlisted/ registered. After doing so much of intellectual, physical and financial labour these companies fix price of finalized product before marketing/ introducing. So will it look them justified that a product which they have produced after expending millions of dollars and months of hard work should be pirated by a second or third party/ country for the sake of few dollars? Creation of Corporate Goodwill – Reputed Stature. Apart from achieving corporate goals, a business has certain responsibilities towards the society, stake holders, employees etc. By running the business in an ethical manner, we not only earn good reputation in the global corporate arena but also create a positive and amiable working environment among investors and employees. So to maintain a long term relationship, we shouldn’t resort to unethical practices. For the time being if it is considered right, a neutral analysis reports that the piracy business runs in billions and this all goes as a loss to the original owners/ organizations. Think for a while due to so many piracy ventures, many companies and private owners are earning billions. Again if we take the example of Microsoft, imagine if the same amount is earned originally by Microsoft, it

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