Role of Ethics in Financial, Environmental, and Cultural Issues: Case Study of China, Jamaica, and America

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Individual Ethics Case Study Given the current pressures on China, Jamaica, and America expressed in the article, one would anticipate that ethics would play different roles in the financial, environmental, and cultural issues for each of the three countries. However, in the case study, it does not appear that the people from the three different countries really take different approaches to most ethical scenarios. In fact, the decisions made by people in all three countries were very similar. There was one significant difference; Jamaicans were more likely to choose a scenario that would result in pollution than Americans or the Chinese. However, Jamaicans were still less likely to choose to pollute than they were to choose not to pollute. Otherwise, financial and cultural issues seemed to have similar impacts on their ethical decision making, despite the different historical and cultural backgrounds and present realities of the three different countries. For many people, business ethics seems to be a Western phenomenon. Therefore, adopting western business ethical standards would seem to be particularly challenging for China, thought that is belied by the results of the research. However, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese make ethical decisions that are similar to Americans. China does a tremendous amount of business with the Western world, and has had to adopt some westernized business ethics issues to be successful in those ventures. Moreover, it is
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