Role of Fate in Tess of the D'Urbervilles

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Thomas Hardy wrote this novel in the end of the last decade of the nineteenth century. This novel is remarkable like all the other Hardy’s novels for the tragic vision it indicates; there is a story which ends in a tragic manner. In so far as Hardy is concerned, he writes tragedy of fate which has a major role to play. This novel is almost like the Greek tragedy in the classical Greek tragedy in the sense that they wrote play in a way where Aristotle wrote Greek tragedy and other things. He was dealing particularly with plays. But the world view was essentially disastrous in tragedy mainly because in those Greek tragedies, the tragedy arose out of the dictates of fate. So, fate had decreed that it would be like this. And, because it was…show more content…
So, the essential cause of the feud and the tragedy is different. But if we leave that apart then we find that the rest of the play has a different cause altogether. If we take any other story, we will find that story deals with the character of the protagonist which plays a major role in the tragedy; it is not chance or fate that plays the major role; it is the character. So, in Shakespeare the character is destiny. Again rather than destiny shaping the future of the human beings; it is the character which shapes destiny. So, if we take any play of that matter, even a play like Antony and Cleopatra where we find that Cleopatra is an Egyptian queen, Antony is a Greek general. So, this Greek general takes part of the kingdom which was conquered by Alexander. Antony falls in love with the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. And Cleopatra on the other hand falls in love with Antony. So, they have a passionate love for each other. This love is neither liked by the Egyptians nor by the Greeks; therefore the Greeks invade on the Egyptian Queen, and during the course of the war we find Antony goes towards Cleopatra. So, he deserts his people; he wants to join Cleopatra although she is dying and that the Greeks have surrounded her
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