Role of Government in Training Development and Lifelong Learning

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Human resources development Role of government in training, development and lifelong learning The government has spent millions in funding various apprenticeship programmes which have been formulated to help the apprentices get top quality training, develop their skills and gain worthy qualifications while on the job. These programmes have given many a chance to succeed in their career by getting qualifications that are recognized nationally while at the same time earning a wage(Griffin, 2001). The government has over the years increased the number of apprenticeships which have helped curb the problem of unemployment greatly. It has been reported by City & Guilds that 89% of companies view these vocational training programmes as the key to their business success, and they prefer to hire those that have gone through these programmes as compared to university graduates(Snowdon, 2011). The government plays a major role in terms of financing and funding these apprenticeships and lifelong learning programs. In February of 2011, the government announced their intention to increase funding for these vocational training programs to 1.4 billion pounds each year which would create an extra 100,000 apprenticeships(Snowdon, 2011). The government also plays a role in promotion of these apprenticeships and lifelong learning programmes and creating awareness regarding them. The Federation of Small Businesses stated in a report published by City & Guilds that the obstacles of these
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