Role of Hrm in Manufacturing Company

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ASSESSMENT 2: ESSAY This essay will evaluate the role of Human Resource Management in a manufacturing company. This will include a critical assessment of three functions being Recruitment, Selection and Employee Turnover function which are vital to the achievement of estimated goals. Being appointed as the Head of HRM by the General Manager of ABC company, certain problems are to be addressed such as poor matching of new personnel to their job and rising levels of staff turnover. This essay will also point out certain aspects and changes which may be required by the company to retain employees reduce cost and increase profitability if considered. The main aim of recruitment is to ensure that the organization is adequately and…show more content…
In order to determine the extent of ‘fit’ of personnel in the organization, provide standards to base and evaluate the capabilities of applicants and scrutinize the selection process clear and specific objectives for selection and personnel placement are required. The company image can play a major role during the selection process. An applicant’s view point of the firm also matters during the procedure as a positive or negative image of the Firm becomes viable. Final selection can be made more reliable by regularly reviewing the recruitment procedure. In order to deal with problems during the process, Reference and credential checking are effectively carried out. To select the right person considered fit for the job, HRM is required to conduct a Job Analysis which refers to the identification, collection, synthesizing, understanding and application of job related data. The job analysis process has three pivotal components based on its outcome for both the manager and employee. These elements include Job profile, Job requirements and People relations. The key to achieve consistent quality and productivity is to provide a feasible working environment to the employees. The overall culture of the organization is connected to its employee satisfaction, performance and turnover. Turnover includes both Voluntary and Involuntary Turnover. The main cause of voluntary turnover or the need to quit can be

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