Role of Human Resource Management

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Part 1 Human resource management has several areas in common between organizations; they deal with the legal activities of the client, ensure that job descriptions are accurate, interview, train, manage EEO and Affirmative action, and ensure compliance to a wide spectrum of regulations. Recruitment and training have been part of HRM for decades, and overall considerably between clients. HRM usually does the advertising, screening, and initial testing; then once hired, basic training and orientation to the company. These issues are tactical, but strategic in that HRM is now tasked with planning and projecting employees, helping to retain talent, and recruiting more aggressively and robustly rather than simply advertising for a job. Strategic HRM takes on an even more common role becoming involved in job forecasting and strategic planning, executive searching, and linking within the business process cycle to help measure and ensure quality (Armstrong, 2008). Part 2 Any professional service may, at times, have gray areas and/or ethical boundaries between clients. Because many of the issues that clients have are similar, it stands to reason that there will be similar questions, legalities, tests, and even results. However, just as a physician who keeps private information private, but sees a number of common symptoms and provides common treatment, the HRM professional should simply provide a boilerplate of basic techniques and answers that is customized to the client at the
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