Role of Human Resource Management in Global Organization's Strategies

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In addition to the quickening pace of innovation globally, the accuracy required in terms of knowledge management to ensure these initiatives keep pace with globally-based timelines is more critical than ever. While accuracy, acuity of information sharing and the continual pace of global innovations quickens, cultural constraints continue to keep global organisations' from attaining the greatest potential. These cultural constraints, so nuanced and imperceptible to many managers with an ethnocentric mindset, are what HRM professionals excel at ascertaining the relative impact of on global business strategies. Planning for the dichotomies between cultures, beyond the obvious to the nuanced in incorporating the five cultural dimensions as defined by Geert Hofstede, are essential for any global organisation to attain its strategic plans and objectives across multiple locations and cultures (Hofstede, 1998). HRM professionals have the critical role of navigating global organisations to this critical business objective.
Defining A Global Organisation International Business Strategy
At the most fundamental, strategic level, HRM must be the orchestrator of all long-term strategic change, including the defining and…
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