Role of Ict in Scm

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Role of ICT in Supply Chain Management including E-Commerce, M-Commerce, e-SCM, ITESCM School of Management Studies Cusat,kochi-22 Abstract: Supply chain management (SCM) is concerned with the flow of products and information between supply chain members’ organization. Companies are attempting to find ways to improve their flexibility and responsiveness and in turn competitiveness by changing their operations strategy, methods and technologies that include the implementation of SCM paradigm. The emergence of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is reshaping the business models and intensely interlining enterprises across its internal as well as external value chain. In this paper, date regarding…show more content…
actual customer demand will mandate demand-driven manufacturing and supporting processes that provide for faster changes in the actual material flow to match demand. Fast access to relevant supply chain information can pay-off handsomely in lower costs, less inventory, higher quality decision-making, shorter cycle times and better customer service. One of the biggest cost savings is in the overhead activity associated with lots of paperwork and its inherent redundancies. The non-value added time of manual transaction processing can instead be focused on higher revenue creation activities without proportional increases in expense. The result in cycle time compression, lower inventories, decision-making quality, reduced overhead costs, among other benefits makes e-Supply Chain Management a highly desirable strategy. Supply chain processes can be more streamlined and efficient than could have been imagined just a few years ago. For many companies, more effective Supply Chain Management is where the profit and competitive advantages will emerge and be sustained. Education being part of the service industry, is characterized differently from the manufacturing industry as its product, knowledge is intangible. With educational institutions, one of the primary suppliers of process inputs is customers themselves, who provide their bodies, minds, belongings, or information as inputs to the service processes.
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