Role of Ict in the Hospitality Industry

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1. ICT APPLICATION TOOLS - INTRODUCTION ICT has beyond doubts made huge contribution to the development of hospitality and tourism services. Due to the advancement in technology, the fierce competition and also due to the complexity of the hospitality and tourism markets, organizations from all over the world now depend almost on the use of ICT to plan, manage and market their services. There was a time when organizations would depend on using effective BPOs also known as call-centres to reach out to the consumers, but now the use of the internet has changed the whole scenario. Organizations have now integrated their system with ICT tools such as GDS, CRS, PMS, DMS etc to facilitate in the overall management and marketing of services…show more content…
For example, flight fares may vary according to reservation category, date of journey, length of stay etc and for the ticketing, travel agencies receive a fixed number of ticket forms which may only be used after confirmation has been received from the service provider. (Schulz, 1996) Additional Services: Due to the fierce competition and complexity in the market, system operators are forced to offer not only information and booking system but also additional features and services that enables passengers/guests to access to more direct information and customize their service requirements. (Schulz, 1996) Apart from the above four main functions, a high speed network is the second basis for a CRS. 1.3 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS) It is also a computerized system that deals with guest bookings, online reservations, point of sales etc in other words it is a computerized system used mostly by hotels to integrate all the elements of hospitality information and management. (Hotel Management-Network, 2009) PMS such as Micros Fidelio Opera are in-house applications that support the central electronic structure of the hotel. It is used to manage customer reservations and billing processes and it contains all information about the units of the hotel such as room status, types of rooms, price, housekeeping status etc. PMS is used for both front office and back-office
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