Role of Ideas in the American Revolution

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Role of Ideas in the American Revolution The American Revolution was a massive change that occurred between the years 1765 and 1783. During this time, thirteen American colonies formed an independent country after they broke from the British Empire. The nation was then called the United States of America. The revolution resulted from a series of political and social transformations in the American society. It all started in 1765 where Americans rejected taxation without elected representation. Protests stirred up in 1773 and Britain imposed severe laws in 1774. The patriots then suppressed the loyalists and repelled all royal administration. Each colony got a new government and Britain sent troops to re-establish control in response. This led to the American revolutionary war where patriots fought against the British. These events made several thinkers discuss different concepts about the nature of man and government. These concepts influenced rebelling colonists in different ways. This essay seeks to look into the role of these ideas in American Revolution. In common sense, Thomas Paine, said that there were no kings and consequently no wars during the world’s early ages. According to Paine, wars resulted from kingship and superiority. Countries without kings such as Switzerland and Holland enjoyed peace more than monarchical governments. In the case of America, foreign powers that arose as colonies sought for power and control over the nation.
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