Role of Internet in Cultural Globalization

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The Role of Internet in Cultural Globalization Introduction At this point of time, globalization has grown to be a phenomenon that is significantly important economically, politically, and culturally. The amalgamation and incorporation of the world economy around the globe has reshaped business. Not only this, it has created "new social classes, different jobs, unimaginable wealth, and, occasionally, wretched poverty" (Kiggundu 4) by restructuring the lives of the individuals. For some, globalization is associated to modernism and contemporary practices. Others understand it as American domination (particularly those living in Asia). On the other hand, some people believe it to be the emasculation of America (Kiggundu 4). At the moment, the whole world is being swept by globalization at a speed that is both immense and inescapable. The present scenario can be associated with that water glass which is considered as half-empty by the pessimist and is viewed as half-full by an optimist. The Internet has empowered cultural globalization tremendously. It has initiated an environment that is globally borderless. If the impact of internet on cultural globalization is judged, one would crystal-clearly observe that it has made nations realize their potentials and strength. Its usage has created new and additional wealth worldwide by eliminating cultural differences. There is an inevitable illumination in the idea of wealth creation. However, the creation of wealth here does
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