Role of Leadership

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Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Leadership
2.1 Definition of Leadership
2.2 Leadership versus Management
2.3 Qualities and Traits of a Leader
3.0 Leadership in Delivering A Project
3.1 Leadership in Team Building
3.2 Leadership in Project Process
3.3 Impetus for Changes
3.4 Cultivating Leadership
3.5 A Perception in Today’s Organisations - Architectural or
Engineering Consulting Firms
4.0 Conclusion and Discussion
Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12
By Li Hong Yu Univ. of Cambridge
1.0 Introduction
It is common practice today that a project manager is assigned with the authority and responsibility to manage a project in a constraining and ferociously competitive
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Theory Y is the assumption that The expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as rest or play. People will exercise self-direction and self-control in the service of objectives to which they are committed. Given the right conditions, the average worker can learn to accept and to seek responsibility. The capacity for creativity in solving organizational problems is distributed widely in the population. The intellectual potential of the average person is only partially utilised.
Essay – The Role of Leadership in Delivering A Successful Project IDBE 12
By Li Hong Yu Univ. of Cambridge Commitment to objectives is a function of rewards associated with their achievement. It can be seen that these two theories are two separate attitudes. The central principle of Theory X is direction and control through a centralised system of organisation and the exercise of autocrat or authority, whilst Theory Y is about the integration of individual and organisational goals. In the modern business world leadership works better in Y theory.
Although the above-stated theories are dated now, the assumptions of them, however, lie behind most organizational principles today. Application of team leadership in today’s organisations will need leaders who understand the organizational principles and develop and exert the effective leadership to influence and change those principles and effectively motivate people to
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