Role of Marketing in the Contemporary World

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Introduction Lazer in his article on marketing believes that the marketing concept should be geared towards interpersonal as well as social development. One of the roles of marketing is to encourage expenditures among consumers, and help the business to develop socially, ethically and intellectually. Lazer thoughts can be viewed as a worthy interpretation of marketing role as a business responsibility. On the other hand, he believes that new consumption principles should be created together with the recognition of self-indulgence, non-utilitarian commodities and luxurious surrounding. He recommended that innovative consumption standards be implemented to show that extravagant needs and hedonistic wishes are normal and warranted by, a prosperous society. Lazer ideology The stance adopted by Lazer was during a period that the world was dealing with the effects of the Second World War (Kotler & Armstrong 2012).The event resulted to emergence of America as a worldwide superpower. The period in regard to economic view dealt with mass production as the industrial machinery was forced to produce many commodities and services for consumers. Customers had limited choices and bought any product produced by the industries. During this era, marketing only targeted the rich and vulnerable consumer to buy the branded products from the company. Nevertheless, in the 1950's, product supply started to outpace the demand in many key industries. The situation forced businesses to focus on
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