Role of Marriage in Society

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Role of Marriage in Society

Introduction: This paper will examine society’s view on marriage. This issue is worthy of investigation because everyone has different perspectives and opinions on marriage. They should be informed about both sides of opinions. Everyone should be respected no matter who they are or who they love. If a man loves a man then people should celebrate it rather than destroy it. The goal of this paper will be to share both views of marriage and will include the history of marriage and same-sex marriage. It will cover the tribulations both the gay and straight community has gone through. I am talking about the role of marriage in society, but I’m not talking about whether marriage is a good or bad thing.
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of Illinois Law Review 1997) finds that children raised in homosexual households are significantly more likely to be gay themselves. [Eliot Jones. Adoption of Children by Same-Sex Couples] Having same-sex parents will fail to show their children the influence of either the same sex or opposite sex. For example, if a boy had been brought up by a lesbian couple, he would lack the male influence in his life. Besides that, putting a young child in the household of same-sex couples will expose them to the homophobic language and hate that society carries. This could lead to unsafe situations and damage to the child’s wellbeing. Such as, if a little boy has gay parents and gets to middle school, he could be made fun of or be called harsh words. The public is concerned about the effect on the children in the middle of this fight for gay rights. Society is also worried about on its effect on religion. According to Christian belief, in the beginning, God made Adam a man and then made Eve a woman. He gave Adam a woman, not man so that the human race would multiply. For thousands of years homosexuality has been in a sin in many religions. Marriage has always been a sacred agreement between a man and a woman. The definition was written in the
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Bible and sanctified by God. [Father Dick. Saint Francis of Assisi Priest] Because it is was
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