Role of Media in Tourism

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The Role of Media Communications in Developing Tourism Policy and Cross‐Cultural Communication for Peace, Security for Sustainable Tourism Industry in Africa Author: Wilson Okaka Lecturer (Communications and Environment Programmes) Kyambogo University Kampala‐(Uganda) Telephones: [Office: 256‐414‐3771775] ‐ [Mobile: 256‐078‐2588846] Email: Paper Presented at the 4th International Institute of Peace through Tourism (IIPT) African Conference on Peace through Tourism at Educators’ Forum, Uganda (Kampala). Organized by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), United States of America (USA), Held At Serena International Hotel and Conference…show more content…
Media communications would ensure that the African region has access to quality information through public awareness campaigns based on development communication theories where all the stakeholders are actively involved in the entire process of the campaigns, that is, from message designs, to campaigns implementations to evaluations for campaigns effectiveness. Africa is one of the new areas where the increasing number of major global tourism products and services are being developed. 2 The continent’s domestic markets are favourable for the currently less tapped eco‐ tourism markets. Africa has a potential huge source of revenues for the international and local actors in the current and future tourism industry. Introduction Media communications technologies are imperative for frontline investments for sustainable globalised tourism development indicators. The powerful effects of media communications technologies can dawn on the African continent with sweeping changes of attitudes and behaviour among the key actors in local, national and global tourism for peace, security and sustainable development. The social, cultural, economic, political and environmental benefits of tourism would usher in monumental and historic changes in the African Union. As the verdict goes, the media has a social responsibility to
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