Essay on Role of Minor Characters Within ‘a Doll House’

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Role of Minor Characters within ‘A Doll House’

The role of minor characters in a play is generally to assist or influence the central characters. In Henrik Ibsen’s play, ‘A Doll House’, such minor characters exist, who can change the outcome of the play. Mrs. Linde, a childhood friend of Nora, the protagonist, highlights Nora’s childlike and egotistic state by contrasting it with Linde’s selfless and sensible character. She aids in the development of plot by introducing the idea of self-satisfaction to Nora, whose main function is to fulfill a women’s role in the household. Ultimately, Mrs. Linde can be identified as an important minor character because she aids in the change of plot and character development. To begin with, Linde
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Secondly, when Linde confesses her love for Krogstad and her plans of being with him, Nora is greatly affected. Linde’s decision to be with Krogstad allows Nora to become aware of the true nature of her marriage. She becomes inspired by Linde’s independence and sense of self. Her decision of committing suicide changes to her departure from the home. This signifies the lies and deceit present in her marriage. As Linde and Nora converse, ‘“Nora-you must tell your husband everything.’”(Ibsen, 99) At this stage both Nora and Linde realize that this marriage is full of lies and deceit and it is impossible for either Nora or Helmer to continue on this path. Even though Nora could have prevented Torvald from reading the letter, she insisted upon it. Nora, after witnessing Helmer’s response, realized that there is nothing that can happen which will allow her to stay in the house anymore. This was greatly influenced by Linde’s influence upon Nora. Although it was Nora’s decision to leave Helmer, one can clearly see Linde’s words acted to enlighten Nora about the truth of her marriage which later lead to Nora’s departure. Lastly, as Linde persuades Krogstad to forgive Nora’s crime one can see a clear shift of the true conflict in the play, the conflict between Nora and her husband. If Helmer wasn’t concerned about appearances or his pride, Nora didn’t need to hide this crime from him. The fact that he cares more about
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