Role of Nurse in Community Mental Health

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The trend in psychiatric care is shifting from that of inpatient hospitalization to a focus of outpatient care within the community. Community mental health services include all those activities in the community connected with mental health other than the institutional or hospitalized setting. The community approach focuses on the total population of defined geographical area rather than individual patient. Emphasis is mainly on preventive services which include provision of a continuous, comprehensive system of services designed to meet all mental health related needs in the community. Mental health care is provided. through education, consultation, brief psychotherapy, crisis
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The factors which a community mental health nurse should give emphasize are:

a.) Biological and Physical factors
b) Psychosocial factors
c) Sociocultural factors

a) Biological and Physical factors The community mental health nurse has a significant role especially in prenatal and postnatal care. It will help in reduction of mental retardation and organic mental disorders. Parents need to be prepared for the acceptance of a new child in the family and should provide minimum facilities for the growth of a child like food, shelter and clothing.

b) Psychosocial factors * Physical competencies coordination of muscles, protecting oneself from injuries. * Emotional competencies coping alone at home in the absence of mother for 45 hours will enable the child to develop confidence. * Social competencies opportunities need to be provided for group interaction, socialization with guest and friends so that the child learns to accept his strengths and weakness.

c) Sociocultural factors For reducing social isolation, a social support system should be developed.
Kaplan's hypothesis is that every individual in his life from womb to tomb needs physical support, psychosocial support and sociocultural support. If he is deprived in any one of these areas there is a chance of developing mental disorders.


1) To educate the individual and the family about the
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